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Whether you recently welcomed a newborn into the world, are navigating the throes of teen angst, or have finally joined the empty-nester club, it’s probably been a while since you’ve done something solely for yourself. While there’s nothing better than being a mom, it’s a full-time job that’s not only hard work but also taxing on your body. Even with diet and exercise, many women find it difficult to recapture the figure they had before kids came along. I routinely perform surgical procedures to help moms get back to their pre-baby bodies. The “mommy makeover” is one of today's most popular combination of plastic surgery techniques, designed specifically to address common issues faced by women following pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

In our current reality of wearing masks, the eyes have it! With the institution of universal mask-wearing during the COVID 19 pandemic, the primary way our faces show happiness or expression is through our eyes. To that end, let's talk about what we can do to make our eyes look brighter and younger. Botox can help make facial expressions look smoother, getting rid of lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can assist with plumping of the lips, reducing circles under the eyes, and softening the appearance of recessed scars. If you're looking for longer-term results, surgery or laser skin resurfacing may be your best bet. 

As the shelter-in-place restrictions continue to change the shape and pattern of our days, and we each do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us are feeling stressed and anxious about our health, wellness, wellbeing, and even our futures. 2020 has ushered in trying and uncertain times that have left all of us stressed about the myriad life-changes involving employment, unexpected homeschooling, and the intermittent scarcity of goods and essentials. As the promise of normal life, good weather, and the opportunity to see and be seen by our loved ones approaches, I find myself contemplating my appearance and the changes we have all undergone as stress levels rise and routine personal maintenance has been out of our reach. 

It's a checklist you don't want. Saggy skin? Check. Loose jowls? Check. Turkey waddle? Check. If these are just a few of the problems looking back at you in the mirror, chances are a facelift is what you need. It may sound drastic, but times have changed.

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