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Healthy. Rested. Radiant. Powerful. It is how we feel. Others should see us this way. We embrace the wisdom, confidence and independence we feel as we grow older and although we do not want to chase the facade of youth, we want to be treated as youthful, connected and “with it”.

I went to Milosport, a local Lafayette skate board, snow board, wake board shop this evening to buy my 7 year old son his first skate board for his birthday. At 45, I still want to feel and, I admit, look “cool”. I am grateful the young people at the shop made me feel good when I talked about my own snowboarding experience.

Promoting the concept of looking our best at our age and at the same time feeling comfortable and powerful in our own skin is my goal. Cosmetic surgery procedures are popular for erasing years from your face, eyes and neck. A facelift is performed to tighten the facial muscles, remove excess skin and offer the patient a more youthful appearance. A blepharoplasty (eyelids) can enhance your vision as well as create a rested appearance by removing the excess tissue from the upper and or lower eyelids. Our neck will often reveal our chronological age if not treated at the same time as our face. A neck lift can be performed on its own or in combination with a facelift.

For those of us not quite ready for a major surgical makeover, a refreshed appearance may be achieved through non-surgical aesthetic products and services. I love to recommend the many procedures which can combine to create a “Liquid Facelift” and use my background as an artist to personally perform these procedures which require little down time. A liquid facelift incorporates fillers, including one’s own fat for fat injection, and Botulinum Toxin. Facial line relaxers like Botox and Dysport are great for removing the “angry” lines on our foreheads. Fillers, such as Juvederm, Perlane and Restylane plump the marionette lines around the mouth. As the edges of our smiles tend downward as we age, these products can also reverse the direction to the pleasant “up”. As our body ages, it loses some of the fat and collagen in the face that can be compensated with Radiesse, a natural filler that is great for filling and lifting the cheeks and temples. My goal with each of these products is to achieve a rejuvenated and hydrated natural look.

Medical grade skin care and chemical peels can create a radiant, luminescent skin tone. Some of the most effective skin care products, hydroquinone, retinols, and vitamin A, can work separately or together to diminish pores, even skin tone and produce a healthy glow.

Diet, exercise, water and sunscreen are the everyday keys to beautiful youthful skin. Plastic surgery offers the many services and procedures that combine with a healthy lifestyle to help your outward appearance reflect your internal vitality and energy.

As I age, I want to embrace the laughter of the many years I have been alive, while minimizing the laugh lines and gravity which have affected my face. This is natural and authentic. When I have improved that one thing that bothers my patient, be it his or her scar, or wrinkle, or mole, this result is accepting that beauty is power and I am worth the investment.

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