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Our natural aging process lets gravity accelerate the descent of one of the most prominent features of our face, our brow. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror.

Are you using your forehead muscles to hold up your brow?
Do you see horizontal lines on your forehead?
Do you have to hold your forehead up in order to see?

Patients often mistakenly relate these issues with the need of needing their eyelids rejuvenated (blepharoplasty). However, these issues are not resolved with the pulled back look of a blepharoplasty alone. What is needed is a complete repositioning of the brow to a natural, youthful position...a brow lift.

Ear piercing, the most widely practiced piercing, has existed for many generations as a way to ornament the human body. Mummified remains thousands of years old have been found with pierced ears, both to decorate the remains and give them treasures in their after-life. Later, early explorers would pierce one ear in the belief that they would then be able to see farther. By the 1800’s, sailors pierced their ears in the hopes that if they died and their body washed ashore, the finder would be able to sell the jewelry for enough money to bury the body.

In modern times, body jewelry has progressed significantly from the rudimentary tools and ideas used in the past. Most piercings today are done for purely aesthetic reasons, unlike the pioneers of body jewelry. However, some people still experience some unfortunate side effects. An accident or heavy earrings can cause a tearing of the skin around the hole in the earlobe, turning something that is supposed to add beauty into a displeasing scar or tear.

I recently went to a local skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard shop to buy my son his first skateboard for his birthday. At fifty something, I admit that I still want to feel and look “cool.” I am grateful to the younger sales people at the shop who made me feel "hip" as I talked about my own snowboarding adventures.

Healthy. Rested. Radiant. Powerful. At our best, it is how we often feel. Shouldn’t others see us the same way? As I've grown older, I've tried to embrace wisdom, confidence, and independence, and although I do not wish to chase the facade of youth, I do want to be treated as youthful, connected, and “with it.”

My goal at Persons Plastic Surgeryi is to promote the concept of looking your best at ANY age. While at the same time, I want to help those I touch feel comfortable and powerful in their own skin.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are popular for erasing years from your face, eyes, and neck. A facelift is performed to reshape the face, remove excess skin, and offer the patient a more youthful appearance. A blepharoplasty surgery, also known as eyelid surgery, can enhance your visual fields as well as create a rested appearance by removing the excess tissue from the upper and/or lower eyelids.

Our neck and upper chest will often reveal our chronological age if not treated at the same time as our face. A neck lift or neck and chest resurfacing can be performed on its own or in combination with a facelift.

For those of us not quite ready for a major surgical makeover, a refreshed appearance may be achieved through a “Liquid Facelift,” which utilizes non-surgical aesthetic products and services. I use my background as an artist to personally perform the procedures that also requires little down time. A liquid facelift incorporates facial muscle relaxers and fillers, including the gold standard which is one’s own fat.

Facial line relaxers like Botox and Dysport are great for removing the “angry” lines on our foreheads, glabella, and crow’s feet.Fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, and Sculptra, can be used in many areas including the lips, nasal creases and frown lines around the mouth. Lip injections can create a natural more youthful mouth and decrease lip area thinning and wrinkles.

As the edges of our smiles turn downward with age, these products can reverse the direction to the pleasant “up.” As our body ages, it loses some of the fat and collagen in the face that can be compensated with Radiesse, a natural filler that is great for filling and lifting the cheeks and temples. My goal with each of these products is to achieve a rejuvenated and hydrated natural look.

Medical grade skin care and chemical peels can create a radiant, luminescent skin tone. Hydroquinone is used to lighten brown spots.Retinols, which are Vitamin A derivatives, work over time to increase the production of collagen to thicken the deeper layer of the skin which helps to repair damaged skin and even help with acne.These products can work together to diminish pores, even skin tone and produce a healthy, luminous glow. I also adore the Persons Plastic Surgery skincare line. I've worked to produce a full skincare line to address your various daily skincare needs.

As alway, diet, exercise, water, and sunscreen are the everyday keys to beautiful youthful skin. Plastic surgery combined with a healthy lifestyle can vastly improve your outward appearance and reflect your internal vitality and energy.

As I age, I want to embrace the laughter of the many years I have been alive, while minimizing the laugh lines and gravity which have affected my face. This is natural and authentic. At Persons Plastic Surgery, we work to help your outer beauty reflect your inner beauty. Remember, beauty is power and therefore worth the investment.

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An abdominoplasty, commonly called a “tummy tuck”, is a plastic surgery procedure which can result in not only a more attractive silhouette but also a stronger, tighter abdominal core. Abdominoplasty involves removing excess fat and skin from the stomach area and stitching together separated and weakened abdominal muscles. This procedure results in a firmer, tighter abdominal wall which can ultimately benefit one’s overall core body strength and posture.

I actually first considered an abdominoplasty after having had three children in four and a half years. The rectus abdominus muscle separation and weakness left me with a sore back and, diminished abdominal strength. Unable to lose the roll in the middle despite having lost the weight with diet and exercise, I went forward with a plastic surgery consult and then with abdominoplasty. The abdominoplasty helped me regain core abdominal strength and a pre-pregnancy figure.

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