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The sun is shining brighter and longer, and the temperatures are rising. Summer is here! We all know what this means- shedding our winter clothes and showing more skin. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could take those unwanted areas of fat and move them somewhere else (the butt, the breasts)? Thankfully, we have the technology to do so! The process, called fat transfer or fat grafting, involves removing fat from one area of the body via gentle liposuction and injecting it into a more desirable area.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with fellowships in Aesthetic, Breast, & Laser Surgery, I have been on the cutting edge of breast augmentation surgery for more than three decades. In a typical week, I meet with dozens of patients seeking breast augmentation. Several questions and topics are discussed, with the most popular being “saline or silicone?” I take pride in empowering my patients at Persons Plastic Surgery in Lafayette to make informed choices. Implants have come a long way since being developed over fifty years ago. Advances in technology and surgical techniques make it easier and safer than ever to enhance the shape and size of your breasts.

Let’s face it: age and menopause are not topics women talk about enough. Like many women in my age group, I recently started going through pre-menopause. It seems unfair: my youngest child is only nine, and I feel like I just recovered from the changes associated with growing three children in my body. Now here I am in pre-menopause, having internal sauna moments; the heavy then light cycles, the fog, and oh my gosh, the shape change. The changes happen because female sex hormone levels naturally decrease as we get older.

Injectable toxins are among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. and with their super-effective wrinkle-reducing abilities and fairly affordable price tag, it’s understandably so. But while Botox (produced by aesthetic giants, Allergan) has become a household name over the years due to being the first to arrive on the scene, it’s worth knowing that it’s not the only kid on the neurotoxin block.

Not to be confused with fillers, neurotoxins temporarily reduce wrinkles by altering the nerve impulses of targeted muscles, which in effect ‘paralyzes’ them. And while we believe the experience and professionalism of your injector is far more critical than the injectable itself, it’s also smart to know the difference between what’s on offer.

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