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I have no financial or political interests in this discussion. My purpose is to share my heartfelt love for Lafayette and my deep connection to the Reservoir area, our own mini Yosemite.

I typically discuss issues pertaining to surgical procedures and maintaining good health. However, today I want to discuss a different type of wellbeing-- the importance of making sure our beautiful land, people, and wildlife look and feel their best for generations to come.

Breast Augmentation versus Breast Implants?

As women, we have a relationship with our breasts throughout our lives. Size, sensation, position, breastfeeding, and even breast cancer affect this relationship. One in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It affects how we feel about our breasts. They are an integral part of our feminity and our sexuality. While breast implants are quite safe and very lovely when performed well, they are medical devices. They must be monitored and changed out several times over a lifetime.

Natural breast augmentation with our own fat is a wonderful alternative to breast implants.

There is good news about the unwanted fat you may be carrying around! At Persons Plastic Surgery, fat is known as "liquid gold." Why? You may ask...

By removing unwanted fat from one area and grafting it to another, your own excess fat can be used to increase your breast size, enhance the buttocks, and bring back lost volume to the face and hands. Fat contains stem cells as well as platelet-rich plasma and is a true graft. When we retrieve fat from the body, it is the color of glistening gold; hence, the name "liquid gold." Once the fat is delicately placed into its new area of the body, the fat thrives and naturally adapts to its new location without any reaction or possibility of rejection because it is from within your own body!

As winter winds down and spring sneaks up on us many start to notice how much of a beating that cold weather and harsh winds can affect your skin. Your face may feel dry, dull, or just flat out damaged. Even so, there’s no reason anyone should have to walk around feeling anything less than wonderful in their own skin. Luckily for us winter is the perfect time to begin solving all your skin troubles.

Right now the sun is considerably less intense than during the spring or summer months, which makes it a perfect time to consider laser treatments. Protecting yourself from UV light is a key component in any post-operative laser treatment care. Since most lasers work to target individual skin cells, the skin rejuvenation process begins to speed up. Although this leaves you with a fresh layer of skin, the treatment also leaves you more susceptible to sun damage. It is imperative that your new, healthy cells are protected from this. Personally, I always try to do my laser treatments around this time of the year to minimize possible environmental effects, and because I know I want my skin to be looking as refreshed as it can come summertime.

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