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What is it that keeps you from walking in this world with confidence?

A patient of mine started crying during a follow up appointment for her recent facelift. Her face looked beautiful, refreshed, rejuvenated and natural, so I asked her what was wrong. She said she was emotional because she had spent years feeling that her outer appearance looked old and tired, and did not reflect the vibrant woman she is. She is now being treated like an attractive woman again; like the woman she is on the inside. The change was empowering and uplifting.

Another patient had a similar reaction after her rhinoplasty (nose job). She said she had spent years worrying about her nose. She had been teased as a teenager about the hump on her nose and remained self-conscious about it as an adult. After the rhinoplasty, her self-consciousness about her nose no longer got in the way of her relationships with others. She is no longer talking to people and wondering, "what are they thinking about the defect on my nose." She feels free.

Spring is here and for many that means the beginning of the season when we start trying to shed the weight gained during the cold winter months. For me it means heading to the gym, and walking the Lafayette Reservoir. We all want to get back into that bathing- suit shape we had at the end of last summer and I’m no exception.

As always, proper diet and exercise are keys to transforming our bodies into top form. However, every year as we grow older, our skin changes, we can’t metabolize fats like we used to and we have slightly less muscle mass. This is why we inevitably begin to see the signs of aging as sagging, wrinkles, and those stubborn little pockets of fat that seem to stay no matter how hard we work out. Add to this any major change in weight such as having a baby, and gravity may have the advantage.

Our natural aging process lets gravity accelerate the descent of one of the most prominent features of our face, our brow. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror.

Are you using your forehead muscles to hold up your brow?
Do you see horizontal lines on your forehead?
Do you have to hold your forehead up in order to see?

Patients often mistakenly relate these issues with the need of needing their eyelids rejuvenated (blepharoplasty). However, these issues are not resolved with the pulled back look of a blepharoplasty alone. What is needed is a complete repositioning of the brow to a natural, youthful position...a brow lift.

Ear piercing, the most widely practiced piercing, has existed for many generations as a way to ornament the human body. Mummified remains thousands of years old have been found with pierced ears, both to decorate the remains and give them treasures in their after-life. Later, early explorers would pierce one ear in the belief that they would then be able to see farther. By the 1800’s, sailors pierced their ears in the hopes that if they died and their body washed ashore, the finder would be able to sell the jewelry for enough money to bury the body.

In modern times, body jewelry has progressed significantly from the rudimentary tools and ideas used in the past. Most piercings today are done for purely aesthetic reasons, unlike the pioneers of body jewelry. However, some people still experience some unfortunate side effects. An accident or heavy earrings can cause a tearing of the skin around the hole in the earlobe, turning something that is supposed to add beauty into a displeasing scar or tear.

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