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Face Procedures

The Facelift

A RHYTIDOPLASTY is designed to remove wrinkles and decrease the sagging that occurs on the face and neck with aging. It can help prevent the advancement of aging or to assist one who is already wrinkled.

Eyelid Surgery

The "saggy eyelid" surgery - This condition becomes present in almost everyone over time. The excess skin and fat bulges may be removed and can be surgically corrected.

Nose Surgery

The cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, designed to improve imperfections. The operation is performed to repair injuries or asymmetries, reduce nasal features, or to create a nose that better "fits" the face.

Chin Augmentation

The "chin augmentation" surgery - A weak or receding chin can increase the appearance of a large nose or the appearance of a lumpy neck. The profile is markedly enhanced with this procedure.

Raise & Rejuvenate

The Endoscopic Brow Lift is intended to raise the brow, rejuvenate the eyes and replace the classic brow/forehead lift which would leave large scars from ear to ear.

Pinning of The Ears

This is the "ear pinning" surgery. The procedure is the repair of protruding, injured, or abnormally developed ears. Procedure is generally done for children.

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